Stack Washer/Dryers


Get the complete package in a single unit, combining our efficient dryers with the powerful performance of our industry-leading front load washers. Available in 9.5 kg (21.5 lb) washer capacity and 8.0 kg (18 lb) dryer capacity.

Our line of stack washer/dryers are designed as vertical combinations that provide all of the power of Speed Queen washers and dryers while occupying only half of the floor space of a conventional washer and dryer setup. Plus, these stacked units allow you to utilize the same connections and hook-ups required by a standard washer and dryer and come preassembled for simple installation.


  • Improved suspension with new out-of-balance logic manages and redistributes unbalanced loads for uninterrupted wash cycles
  • Water use as low as 44.3 liters (11.7 gallons) per cycle to reduce operating costs
  • Extended Tumble helps eliminate wrinkling by tumbling for two minutes at 20 minute intervals if the door isn't opened
  • Just like their stand-alone counterparts, Speed Queen stacks are 100 percent front serviceable to limit downtime for service
  • Available in 9.5 kg (21 lb) washer capacity and 8.0 kg (18 lb) dryer capacity

* Not all models are available in all markets. Specifications may vary by market.

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