Stack Tumble Dryers


Get twice the capacity of a standard dryer in the floor space of a single pocket tumble dryer. Plus, you'll still only need one set of gas, electric and exhaust hook ups, simplifying your installation.

The cabinet design of our stack tumble dryers strikes the perfect balance of heat, airflow and tumble action. This means that no energy is wasted and loads receive the most concentrated drying possible. This equates to some of the fastest dry times in the industry. Plus, our patented oval cylinder perforations solve a common, highly damaging problem, allowing stray screws to pass through without doing large amounts of damage to the dryer's sweep sheets. Adding stack tumble dryers to your coin laundry not only positions your store to get customers out the door faster, but they also offer a wealth of profit potential.

Speed Queen now offers you the choice of two tumbler ranges to best satisfy your needs. The ECO-Line range is offered on the STT30 and STT45 products. The Speed Queen ECO-Line of tumblers features a lower energy input and therefore a lower energy usage compared to our Classic-Line of tumblers. This range offers a solution for end-users aiming at the lowest energy consumption rates in their industry.


  • Axial airflow pattern with sealed cylinder rims delivers the fastest and most efficient drying results
  • Two drying pockets in the space of one unit helps stores increase drying capacity
  • Large, easy-to-clean lint compartment
  • Fewer moving parts mean fewer maintenance problems and less wear
  • High performance heater box increases energy efficiency, reduces drying times and provides a more comfortable operating environment
  • Single gas, electric and exhaust hookups simplify installation and are less expensive than installing twice the number of single units
  • Available in 13.6 kg (30 lb) and 20.4 kg (45 lb) capacities

* Not all models are available in all markets. Specifications may vary by market.

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