Heat Pump Tumble Dryers


For laundry operations not suited for the added cost and installation of sufficient ducting, Speed Queen Heat Pump tumble dryers deliver an efficient solution. The Heat Pump tumbler line does not require any vent ducting as 100% recycling of waste air through rapid cooling removes moisture while rapid heating results in the reintroduction of heat into the drying cylinder.

Speed Queen's Heat Pump tumblers reduce energy by more than 70% compared to similar tumble dryers saving your laundry operation utility costs. Minimal electrical infrastructure is needed as only 3.6kW (12,284 BTU/hr) of total power input is required.


  • Standard self-cleaning system uses condensation to rinse heat exchanger, decreasing amount of lint and foreign contaminants for cleaner linens and decreased maintenance
  • Steel shaft and dual bearings extend the life of your machine
  • Optional humidity sensing prevents overdrying
  • One central belt tensioning system allows for ease of service
  • Optional mechanical washing system uses pressurized water to efficiently clean the heat exchanger
  • Optional reversing for large items
  • Available in 9 kg (20 lb), 11 kg (24 lb), 13 kg (29 lb) and 16 kg (35 lb) capacities

* Not all models are available in all markets. Specifications may vary by market.

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