Speed Queen Introduces New Slim 55-pound Tumbler

The slim design of Speed Queen's groundbreaking new 55-pound drying tumbler will be a welcomed trait for laundries with space concerns. But its compact size is only part of the story.

Laundry managers will appreciate that Speed Queen built the tumbler to fit through a standard 36-inch doorway - unlike most drying tumblers of similar capacities. In addition to fitting through a standard opening, the tumbler is a foot shorter than its 50-pound counterpart. Its design maximizes cylinder capacity, while not wasting any cabinet space.

Perhaps the most impressive feature for on-premises laundry managers is the tumbler's performance. In-house testing has shown it outperforms full-size 50-pound tumblers both in speed and energy efficiency.

Its efficiency is due to an axial airflow pattern, which ensures all heated air is used in drying the load. The results are superior energy efficiency and faster drying times.

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