Speed Queen Distributor Discusses the Impact of the Recession on the Laundry Industry, Stimulus Bill.


Jim Hohnstein from Martin-Ray Laundry Systems the Speed Queen distributor for Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming discusses the impact of the recession on the laundry industry and the stimulus package the business needs.

Part of the Coin-Op 101 Series, "A Stimulus Package for All" examines the industry's current needs. Hohnstein stresses how important education is for laundry owners so that they understand the in's and out's of their business.

Jim explains, "One of the weakest aspects of our industry is the lack of desire on the part of many store owners to really understand this business."

To read more, visit http://www.americancoinop.com/article.cfm?articleID=18151 or to learn more about Martin-Ray Laundry Systems, visithttp://www.martinray.com.

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