New 45 lb Stacked Commercial Tumble Dryer Advantages

When considering the numbers, it's easy to see why upgrading to Speed Queen's new T45, 45 lb stacked commercial tumble dryer, makes sense for coin laundry owners looking for an edge on the competition. The T45 stands as the most efficient commercial tumble dryer Speed Queen ever has built. Consider the T45 numbers below.

  • 50 - percent more rated capacity than the 30 lb stack
  • 44 - potential percent increase in profit per square foot of commercial tumble dryers vs. 30 lb stack
  • 40 - percent larger door opening vs. 30 lb stack
  • 33 - width in inches of the cylinder; perfect for oversized loads
  • 24 - percent more floor space utilized than the 30 lb stack
  • 10 to 40 - percent less gas the T45 may use compared to older commercial tumble dryers
  • 3 - years covered in the limited warranty on the T45

Those figures add up to overall better throughput and the potential to handle larger volumes during peak usage periods. With better efficiency and improved profit per square foot, Speed Queen's 45 lb stack can help coin laundry owners sack the competition.

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