Laundry Owner Enjoys Profits and Flexible Hours

Ms Lu was intrigued by the coin laundry business after seeing several successful stores in Jongi, a city 50 km south of Taipei, Taiwan. So enamored with the coin laundry concept, Ms Lu sold her coffee shop and opened Chin Chien Laundry in mid 2007 in Taiwan.

Chin Chien features all Speed Queen equipment, including: five toploading washers; three 13.6 kg frontloaders; two 18 kg frontloaders; two single-load stack dryers; two 13.6 stack tumblers; and one 20.4 kg stack tumbler. The store is open 24 hours, has an attendant on duty most of the time and has installed security cameras.

In the one year she's been in business, Ms Lu has been pleased with her profits as well as the freedom she has to come and go during the day. The early success of this store has led her to look for a location to open a second laundry.

Chin Chien Laundry's equipment was installed by SPD Machinery, a Speed Queen distributor located in Taipei, Taiwan.

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