Why Invest In Laundry?

Investing in vended laundry offers many benefits aimed directly at helping you reach your business goals. Here are just a few reasons entrepreneurs all over the world are discovering laundry as the best opportunity for them:

Cash Business

In vended laundry, you get paid before customers use your equipment, requiring minimal accounts receivable and eliminating the worry about collecting debts, bounced checks or customer nonpayment.

High Success Rate

The average vended laundry sees a return on investment of 25-35%*, far beyond most ventures. Plus, many investors break even in as little as six months*.

Always in Demand

Clean clothes are a necessity of life. So, unlike most investments, vended laundries are not directly tied to the economy. In fact, demand often increases during a recession as consumers search for a convenient, affordable way of doing laundry.

Scalable To Your Needs

Whether you're investing in a large retail space or a small neighborhood laundry, your business can be scaled to fit your goals and budget. Fortunately, the required capital investment needed to open a laundromat is relatively small regardless of size.

Uncommon Flexibility

In vended laundry, you don't have to adjust your life to fit your business. You can adjust your business to fit your life. You can work full-time or part-time depending on what your long-term goals require. Many investors even choose to open stores as a supplement to their existing careers.

Take Charge of Your Investment

Modern technology has given vended laundry owners more control over their business than ever before, from payment summaries to advanced networking programs.


* According to the U.S.-based Coin Laundry Association. Results may vary.


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