Vended Laundry Checklist

Like any other investment, getting into the coin laundry industry requires careful due diligence and advance planning. It is important to do some basic research first to determine if this is a good investment for your particular situation. Selecting the right distributor can go a long way. Our global network of distributors will assist you with all of the following steps:

Step 1

Start by analyzing your own financial situation. What is your net worth? What free cash do you have available? What free time do you have available? Do you want to buy an existing store or build a new one?

Step 2

Select the potential location and run an extensive demographic analysis. Once you know who your potential customers are, find out which laundries they currently patronize and develop a competitive analysis of your competition.

Step 3

With demographics in mind, develop the mix of models and capacities that your customers will appreciate. Our Laundry Design Service can assist you at each stage of your project with several timesaving design and planning tools.

Step 4

Finalize your model mix and layout and have your distributor take you through the zoning, permit and construction process. Submit paperwork for financing (if applicable).

Step 5

Hire store staff if needed, plan your advertising and continue to analyze your competition. Once again, it's very important to work with your distributor throughout the process. As more questions arise, you want the best distributor by your side as your consultant. They know the local market, they have built stores in the past and they know where you can cut corners and where you should not. And they have the local support available to help make your venture a success.

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